Promoting the Conservation of Native Birds in Taranaki and New Zealand and Providing information and resources on the New Zealand Falcon

Welcome to Native Birds Taranaki

Promoting the Conservation of Native Birds in Taranaki and New Zealand

Kingfisher (Kotare)
Kingfisher (Kotare)

Native birds throughout New Zealand are under threat from all sides, by introduced predators and competitors, through loss of habitat and altered eco-systems, all directly and indirectly as the result of human activity.

Find out more about New Zealand's native birds, what resources are available, how you can help, and specific information on our native birds in Taranaki.

Native Bird Resources

What is a native bird and why are NZ's so unique? What threats do they face? These and many more questions are answered plus information is provided on where best to see native birds in New Zealand, bird tours in NZ, and the availability of birdcall CDs and native bird DVDs. Please click here to learn more.

How to Help Native Birds

There are many ways that individuals and families can help our native birds, from donating time or money, joining a conservation organisation or supporting local initiatives, to planting for native birds, and taking part in the annual NZ Garden Bird Survey. Please click here to find out more.

Native Birds in Taranaki

To find out more about native birds in Taranaki, Please click here.

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