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New Zealand Falcon Distribution Presence

A number of surveys and research projects have been undertaken on the distribution of the NZ falcon, these included:


The formal peer reviewed article on the completed 2006-09 distribution survey has been published in Notornis, the Journal of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand. To download a copy of this article please click here.

PhD research by Dr Nick Fox - 1970's

The first known work into the distribution (and biology) of the New Zealand falcon was carried out by Dr Nick Fox in the 1970's as part of his PhD research. Reference to this published material can be found on the page.

RANZ/DOC New Zealand falcon breeding survey 1994-98.

The Raptor Association of New Zealand (RANZ) in conjunction with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and others conducted a survey of the breeding success of the NZ falcon at twenty-eight sites. A copy of the report produced can be obtained from;

distribution of nz falcon

2014 Taranaki NZ Falcon Report

A new report has been produced detailing information on the 563 NZ falcon observation records for Taranaki. Titled Presence and Distribution of New Zealand Falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae) in Taranaki. A copy of the report can be downloaded from here.

New Zealand Falcon (Falco novaeseelandiae) in Taranaki

Produced by Native Birds Taranaki this report collated a total of 113 sighting records from the Taranaki region for the period 1981 to September 2004. Records were collected from the then NZ Wildlife Service, Department of Conservation, and Barry Hartley from the Ornithological Society of NZ and by the author. A copy of the report (including maps) can be downloaded from here.

Atlas of Bird Distribution in New Zealand 1999-2004

From 1 December 1999 to 30 November 2004 the Ornithological Society of New Zealand (OSNZ) undertook a project of field surveys that resulted in the Atlas of Bird distribution in New Zealand 1999-2004. NZ falcon is included within the Atlas, to which reference can be found on the page.

New Zealand Falcon Distribution Survey 2006-09

From 1 June 2006 to 31 May 2009 the New Zealand Falcon Distribution Survey (NZFDS) was undertaken that collected and collated a total of over 5,599 observation reports of NZ falcon dating back to 1942.

The report on this survey is now available and a copy can be download here:

a. Distribution of NZ Falcon in New Zealand 2006-09

New Zealand Falcon Survey 2009 –

NZ Falcon observation reports continue to be received on a regular basis and form the continuation of the collection and collating of data on the distribution and presence of NZ falcon throughout New Zealand.

A copy of the latest Newsletters can be downloaded here;-

a.  NZ Falcon Survey Newsletter No 10

b. NZ Falcon Survey Newsletter No 11

c. NZ Falcon Survey Newsletter No 12

d. NZ Falcon Survey Newsletter No 13

e.  NZ Falcon Survey Newsletter No 14