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The New Zealand falcon (Karearea), also known as Sparrow Hawk, Bush Hawk, is a fast-flying raptor that is endemic to New Zealand (that is found only in NZ).

Currently regarded as one extremely variable species, there are three forms that vary in size, colour and habitats. The ‘Bush Falcon' is found in the forests of the North Island and the northwestern South Island, the ‘Eastern Falcon' habitat is the open country of the eastern South Island whilst the ‘Southern Falcon' is of the coastal Fiordland, Stewart Island and the Auckland Islands.

Falcons have been fully protected since 1970. Currently the Department of Conservation (DOC) classifies the three forms according to their threat of extinction. The three forms of the New Zealand falcon are currently classified:

a. Southern falcon - Nationally endangered
b. Bush falcon - Nationally vulnerable
c. Eastern falcon - Nationally Vulnerable

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