Promoting the Conservation of Native Birds in Taranaki and New Zealand and Providing information and resources on the New Zealand Falcon and Bats

Help Native Birds New Zealand Taranaki

There is much work and effort currently being undertaken to help our native birds, both locally in Taranaki and nationally in many areas of New Zealand. But more can always be done and help is always needed.

Though most of the efforts are focused on helping those endangered species of native birds, any work undertaken, especially predator control will end up assisting all species, including non-natives.

Join, Volunteer, Donate or Sponsor

At the end of the day, being truly realistic, the main way to help is often with money, either by donations or sponsorship to help the groups and organisations already involved. Volunteers and members especially with useful skills, knowledge or simply the willingness and enthusiasm to get involved are also essential.

Much of the effort involved with helping NZ native birds is with predator control and this is very expensive and time consuming. But many of the groups and organisations are registered charities so donations (over $5) are tax deductible. This can make a great contribution to the effort. For example:

"One modern day predator trap (for stoats/rats) can cost $50, if you donate $150 that's three traps out there protecting our native birds. With the receipt you receive for you donation you can claim back one third of your donation (which just happens to be $50 - the price of a trap). So you can see that for the price of two traps (to you) the conservation group get three."

New Zealand Pipit (Pihoihoi)

New Zealand Pipit (Pihoihoi)

How great is that!

Maybe if $150 is a wee bit too much, even a $50 donation still buys one trap and you can claim back a refund of over $16!

Organisations involved with native bird protection in Taranaki, include;

a. Taranaki Kiwi Trust -
b. East Taranaki Environmental Trust -
c. Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust -

One particularly active national organisation that assists and supports groups all over the country is the Kiwi Trust. Check out their great site at

Remember that though activities may be aimed at protecting only one or two species (for example Kiwi and Blue Duck) all species do benefit.

Some of those organisations and groups listed in the NZ Bird Websites are also registered charities and if you would like to help any of those specific native bird species, please click here.

Study of NZ Birds

The Ornithological Society of New Zealand (OSNZ) has member groups all over New Zealand (including Taranaki) that get involved individually or as a group in studying birds in New Zealand.

Their website is where you can find out about joining and also there are many bird resources within the site.

Garden Planting for Native Birds

Simply by planting the right type and number of trees, bushes and plants in your garden can greatly assist native birds. To view a chart with some suggestions please click here.

The Department of Conservation also has a great resource on planting in your garden for native birds, check it out here.

Annual NZ Garden Bird Survey

Landcare Research in association with a number of other organisations co-ordinates the Annual NZ Garden Bird Survey throughout the country. It is easy to undertake, you don't need that much knowledge and it can be fun for the whole family.

To learn more and become involved with this, check out their website at:

This site also has a very useful bird identification page, with great photos.