Promoting the Conservation of Native Birds in Taranaki and New Zealand and Providing information and resources on the New Zealand Falcon and Bats

Native Birds Resources Online CDs DVDs

There are many resources that help with learning more about New Zealand's native birds, where to see them and how to obtain birdcall CDs and DVDs. These include;

All about NZ Native Birds.

If you want to find out which birds are regarded as native and which are not, and why our birds are so unique, plus the threats that they face please click here to learn more.

New Zealand Birds Online.

New Zealand Birds Online website is the result of a co-operative project between the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa, the Ornithological Society of New Zealand and the Department of Conservation.

A digital encyclopaedia of New Zealand birds that is rich with new text, photographs, sound files and book extracts covering all 457 bird species on the New Zealand list.

A great new resource that is particularly useful for ascertaining the
identity of birds seen, check it out at:

Morepork (Ruru)

Morepork (Ruru)

Where to see NZ Native Birds.

Some places are better than others when it comes to seeing a variety of native birds. This is usually the result of intensive predator control, being a predator proof sanctuary or else a captive breeding and education facility. To view a list of such suggested places together with their websites, please click here

Bird Tours within New Zealand.

Sometimes the best way to see native birds in New Zealand is to take a tour but remember you are never ‘guaranteed' to see them! To find out more about NZ bird tour operators check out their website at

New Zealand Birdcall CD's.

If you wish to hear and learn native birdcalls one of the best ways is to have an audio CD of known birdcalls. These are available for purchase from

New Zealand Bird DVDs.

Natural History New Zealand in Dunedin has DVDs on New Zealand birds. Follow this link to the NHNZ's store for NZ native bird DVDs

Kakapo DVD - A recent release by Elwin Productions titled "The Unnatural History of the Kakapo - The story of the world's rarest and strangest wild parrot". Available from

New Zealand Bird Websites.

Some of our native birds have their own specific website from which detailed information on the species is available and how you can help them. To view a list of these sites please click here.


NZ on Screen has in its Nature Inspired Collection a large number of classic NZ bird documentaries, as well as films based on land, sea and sky. The website link is