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New Zealand Falcon Resources Photos Video

There are resources available specifically on the NZ falcons that provide additional information and images of the NZ falcon. These include;

Photo Gallery - some outstanding photographs of NZ falcon from around the country. Click here to view

Film Footage - to view some great film footage of NZ falcon from around the country click here.

White-faced heron as prey of the NZ falcon - an article written on encounters observed when White-faced herons became prey for NZ falcons. Click here to view this article.


Karearea – A Season of the Falcon. Steve Attwood spent five months in 2011 observing the pair of breeding NZ falcon at Zealandia (Karori Wildlife Sanctuary) in Wellington. Together with some fantastic photographs he has written about his experiences, well worth a look at: hereFootnote – subsequently the male chick banded at Zealandia was seen on 17 December 2011 in Alicetown, Lower Hutt and reported to the NZ falcon Survey.

NZ Documentary - Wildlife of the Mountains. As part of the NZ On Screen, Nature Inspired Collection, this documentary examines the alpine flora and birdlife in the Upper Waitaki area of the South Island. There is some great footage of NZ falcon particularly of a pair of juveniles. Be aware that though only 17 minutes long the documentary is a 93 MB file. Click here to view.

Reference Material - there have been a number of studies and research projects undertaken on the NZ falcon, and material written on various aspects of the NZ falcon. A list of most of the reference material available has been produced and a copy may be requested from Contact Us.

Live Radio Interview - listen to the radio interview about the NZ falcon and the distribution survey, which was broadcast live on 11 July 2009 betwen Graeme Hill (Environews, Radio Live) and Dave Bell, Coordinator, NZ Falcon Distribution Survey.  To listen to this interview click below.