Promoting the Conservation of Native Birds in Taranaki and New Zealand and Providing information and resources on the New Zealand Falcon and Bats

New Zealand Bats In Taranaki

There are both long-tailed bats (‘North Island’ taxa) and short-tailed bats (‘Central lesser short-tailed’ taxa) present in Taranaki.


A map showing the NZ bat records for Taranaki from all the surveys undertaken has been produced. This map includes only the results from formal surveys not any incidental records from encounters by individuals.

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Surveying for NZ BAts in Taranaki

Surveying for NZ bats in Taranaki has been undertaken over the previous four summer seasons. Taranaki in this context is that area covered by the Taranaki Region with the addition of areas to the east and north-east that are within the Taranaki Area for the Department of Conservation.

Results from this surveying have been written up as annual reports that include some additional maps and historical data. A copy of these reports can be downloaded here:

a. Taranaki Bat Report 2012-13
b. Taranaki Bat Report 2013-14
c. Taranaki Bat Report 2014-15
d. Taranaki Bat Report 2015-16
e. Taranaki Bat Report 2016-17
f. Taranaki Bat Report 2017-18
g. Taranaki Bat Report 2018-19

Short-tailed bat Roost Tree Mohakatino CA Taranaki

New Zealand Long-tailed Bat